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Nathan Windel

Science News - Spring 2018

This is an exciting time of the year.  Students are beginning to feel the approach of summer, especially when you can hear spring peepers chirping near ponds.  Soon those sounds will be deafening.  For our seniors, the last two months of formal high school education are about to be underway.  We are doing some very cool things in the science classroom:

  • Physical Science – We’re building radios!
  • Pre-AP Biology – We just made pizza to learn about fermentation, and now we’re experimenting with hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances.
  • AP Biology – To learn more about fermentation, we’re going to experiment with yeast.
  • Chemistry – We just made some glass candy to explore more about crystal formation, and now we’re going to experiment more with intramolecular forces.
  • Physics – These guys are about to take physics on the road to the elementary school to teach the little ones about free fall motion.
  • Computer Science – We’re building robots!
  • Environmental Science – We’re implementing a recycling program in our school!

Coming Events

  • ACT Aspire Science Interim III Exam – Monday, March 5
  • Field Trip to Ozark Regional Water Authority – Date TBD



Nathan Windel

Upcoming Events

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