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Our Veteran Alumni & Community Members

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The flag of America still stands strong, firm and beautiful. Thanks to all the enormous efforts and innumerable sacrifices made by millions of our veterans.
We salute our veteran alumni & community members - Thank you!


Gunter, Ray

Barber, Jim

Bohannon, Ira

Carlton, Billy

Clayborn, Shannon

Gregorie, Louis

Henderson, Bobby

Heydenreich, Arvie

Heydenreich, Robert

Heydenreich, Eddy

Heydenreich, Vernie

Spradley, Larry

Hicks, Arthur

Hodge, Larry

Lasater, Paul

Hodge, Travis

Hodge, Larry

Ogden, Kenneth

Shelton, Oscar

Taylor, Raymond

Edgmon, Junior

Searl, Watson

Williams, Bob

Williams, Finis

Williams, Gus

Winnat, Jim

Adams, Ernie

Benegar, Silas

Brown, Dorlon

Davis, Loyd

English, Charlie

Hicks, Loyal

Morphis, Bill

Plumlee, Verlus

Ramsey, Don

Ramsey, Jesse

Sain, Earman

Sexton, Ed

Sexton, Homer

Vanderpool, John

Rocole, Wayne

Edgmon, Donnie

Rudder, David

Pierce, Johnny

Garrison, Glen

Denniston, Richard

Adams, Ray

Adams, Dale

Carter, Clayton

Rocole, Stanley

Williams, Claud

Manes, Marvin

Manes, Charles

Manes, Odell

Clayborn, Larry

Clayborn, Kenneth

Clayborn, Kevin

Stewart, Harvey

Clayborn, Ray

Braden, Bill

Braden, Larisa

Braden, Jared

Braden, Bob

Cooper, Con

Cooper, Russel

Cooper, Bill

Cowell, Devoe

Clayborn, Brad

Poindexter, Taylor

Wagler, David Sr.

Wagler, David Jr.

Wagler-Cooke, Marjorie

Wagler-Gordon, Carolyn

Hester, Holden

Sams, Jolseph

Smith, Stacey

Shelton, Joey

Phillips, Charles

Roberts, Dewain

Dotson, William David

Curtis, Charlie

Curtis, Ron

Davis, Dennis

Chester J Adams

Cody Martin

comment posted by Yalonda Martin on 06-16-2015
Cody Martin
comment posted by Arbie Adams on 05-24-2015
Chester J. Adams
comment posted by David Wagler Jr on 05-24-2015
David Wagler Sr
Marjorie Wagler Cooke
Carolyn Wagler Gordon
David Wagler Jr
comment posted by Melissa King on 05-23-2015
If you have a name to add to our list please let me know and it will get posted.
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